Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi everyone.. its Leanne here setting up a blog for Tracey..
so to start off .. i'll put up some of her layouts..and then hand the reins over to her majesty herself....
"Love Your Way"
 "faces of Mischief"
 "Crunch, Crunch, Crunch"
 "Hes my Brother"
these are just ones that i had of hers.. some are older ... whoops.. anyho. i'll let her know how to do the basics and i'm sure she'll be a bad blogger. But please follow her.. she rocks...


  1. hey hey hey.. welcome to blogger land.. just waiting to see how long it takes you to read this..LOL>..

  2. woot woot woot TOLD you I would be STALKING YOU!!!!!! gorgeousness as always

  3. Well done Leanne and welcome Tracey to the blog world. I have always loved your work from The Boxx so cant wait to see more (mmmmmm, another gal to stalk). Happy blogging.