Monday, October 25, 2010

I've Been To See The Blog Wizard!

Well I guess I'm off and running on this whole blog thing!..I guess?! Well..Hello there to whoever may be listening..bear with me as I am NOT very computer literate therefore can totally relate to the whole scarecrow thing.. I therefore feel like I am being pretty courageous giving it a go with the big help of my buddy Leanne (whose awesome blog I shall fill you in on somewhere here) and..well, I can say the majority of my life is generally ruled by my heart! So this site shall be a glimpse into my creative-minded ongoing journey down my own Yellow Brick Road..feel free to travel with me for awhile! 


  1. Good on you Tracey, you are going better than me, I will eventually get around to this whole blog thingy. Look forward to seeing all your super creativity

  2. woot woot.. she posted and i didnt have to give instructions over the phone.. wooohhhoooo... ayay....

  3. keep the gorgeousness coming Tracey